So what is pulse?
  • It is the heart that pumps blood by contraction.
  • The pulse varies between resting pulse and maximum pulse
  • Oxygen and nutrients are pumped out to the cells. The blood also transports waste products out of the body, and low oxygenated blood to the lungs.
  • High pulse over longer time can cause stress problems.
  • The dog heart beats irregularly

Heart rate increases when the dog is:

  • happy
  • afraid
  • in pain
  • have expectations
  • is in heat or meet a bitch in heat
  • in activity

The heart rate goes down when the dog is calm and relaxed.
Heart rate goes up when there is a reaction in the dog, the brain sets the body on alert and makes the muscles ready.
This happens in the dog regardless if the feeling is experienced positive or negative, for example when the dog gets very happy or very afraid.
Increasing the heart rate is needed.

Measuring the dogs pulse is not common, and there is still little research on the subject, but everyone knows that high pulse over a long period of time is not healthy!